About the Club

We are proud to be members of the League of American Bicyclists & the Coalition of Arizona Bicyclists


The Bull Shifters Bicycling Club was started in 1986 as an employee club of Honeywell Bull, a mainframe computer company.  We were oriented toward families, we rode the canal paths, and stopped at yard sales.  Over the years our club evolved into a faster paced and more long distance cycling club, but maintained the friendly, fun camaraderie with which we began.  Our club is dedicated to both fun and fitness on a bike.

We are a recreational club that rides a little faster and a little farther than the typical non-racing club.  We meet every Saturday morning throughout the year.  Our rides range between 40 and 65 miles with a breakfast stop for those who like to eat and socialize.  We do a variety of rides each month exploring most parts of the valley.  In addition, we host the Heart of Arizona, we are instrumental in our support of the Phoenix Tour de Cure, and we organize other special rides throughout the year.

Rides are chosen each month at our club meeting by those attending.  Club meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Chino Bandido, 7 p.m., northwest corner of 19th Avenue & Greenway Parkway.


The club offers two groups with which to ride; the CaniBulls and the CapaBulls.  The CaniBulls are a race pace group that average over 22 mph.  The CapaBulls are a more moderately paced group that average 20 mph on flat terrain.  We regroup at prearranged points on every ride.  Helmets are required to ride with the club.


Our Club rides start and finish at Moon Valley Park. Here is a Google Map to MV Park: https://goo.gl/maps/8R4yEgi794zLoY5n6. Our ride start times are approximately 1/2 hour after sunrise.  This allows most people to ride to the start location without the need for lights.  Follow the link for Bull Shifter Rides & Events for more information.